Human – what?


Human-Centric Design is a creative approach to problem-solving using a 3-phase design and management system. H-C design places the focus on the end-users who operate the space, designing solutions for people first. 


Early leaders of IDEO, a global design company creating a positive impact through design has created products, services, and organizations that empower communities, cities and even countries. 


Meraki Design Haus was inspired to apply this type of design thinking towards interior spaces to allow for creativity and impact to flourish for our clients.


Human-centric design will take your project to a level of sophistication you feel & appreciate every time it's in use. 


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"Creativity is two-fold. On the one hand creativity is freedom: of thought, risk taking, possibilities/opportunities. On the other hand, creativity is the result of hard work where convergent analysis development & implementation are evaluated and processed in order to deliver tangible results."
                                                                  -Dixie Hudson



Human-centric design consists of 3 phases designed to visually walk you through every decision with a strong understanding of your concept and functionality.


Phase 1  //  Inspiration

The inspiration phase seeks the opportunity to become deeply immersed in the end user's experience within their current space. Our curiosity guides our consultations to observe and develop pain points to define the scope of work.


Phase 2  //  Ideation

The ideation phase is the reflection of information gathered in the observations made in phase 1. Opportunities for design and possible solutions will be explored through detailed design boards, proposed floor plans and client feedback.


Phase 3  //  Implementation

The implementation phase is all about bringing solutions to life. We complete cohesive construction drawings and specification packages to guarantee the success of each project.



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